The New High School Being Built in Wilson County

As most people in Wilson County have heard, a new high school is being built at the corner of North Greenhill Road and Lebanon Road. This is official, as the County Commission made a final vote on August 27 to approve and fund the construction of the newest high school.

Leigh Anne Rainey, the MJHS principle, says that the goal of the district is to open Green Hill High School, the new high school being built, by August of 2020. This has led to rising questions about zoning.

“Current Juniors (class of 2020) and Seniors (class of 2019) of course will not be affected whatsoever. Current Sophomores (Class of 2021) will be entering their terminating year (senior year) in the fall of 2020. This group will have the option to go to the new school IF they are zoned for that school, or to remain at MJHS and graduate in May of 2021. Current Freshmen (Class of 2022) will be entering their Junior year. This class will be the class that is required to attend their zoned school. If they are zoned for MJHS they will remain here. If they are zoned for GHHS, they will attend that school,” Mrs. Rainey said.

Rainey also touched on how the zoning lines for the new high school will work. They have not been determined yet, as the zoning lines of the new high school will be based on the new middle school zones.

She said, “The zoning lines for the opening of Gladville Middle School will be discussed during September and they will be published officially at the October school board meeting. These will be published in October for the opening of Gladville Middle in August of 2019.

The new middle school zones should closely mirror the upcoming proposed High School zones for the 5th Wilson County High School. This will give you an idea of what zone your current property will fall into for the newly built High School.”

Rainey also mentioned that the final decisions will be discussed in future school board meetings. She announced that this is a 22 month completion window, and if this completion window isn’t met, they’ll have to make a “Plan B.” She did not elaborate on what the school board has in mind for a “Plan B” but it certainly sounds intriguing. She’ll try to keep us “in the know” if anymore final accommodations are made.

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