Is It Possible That Your Phone Is Listening to You?

Have you ever talked about something and then later found an advertisement on your phone selling that exact thing? This is a result of Google trying to target you with the products you are interested in. The question is, do they have the right to do so?

The biggest controversy about this issue is whether Google actually gathers data from their customers’ conversations or if they simply use previous internet searches you have made. Either way, they have access to your personal information. The same thing goes for Facebook.

“Google has trackers on 76 percent of websites while Facebook watches us on 23 percent of sites,” according to CBS News.

Some people are perfectly fine with the idea of companies potentially using their cell phone’s microphone, yet there are others who find it extremely disturbing. Lindsey, who is from Lincoln, shares her experience.

Lindsey recently quit her job and told her friend that she might end up working as a Starbucks barista.

“Next time I checked my Facebook on my phone, [I saw] a Starbucks advert as they were holding an open event in London to find new staff,” she said.

Many Facebook users have claimed that Facebook “stalked” them. However, former Facebook employee Antonio Garcia Martinez had something else to say about it.

“We only access your microphone if you have given our app permission and if you are actively using a specific feature that requires audio. We do not access the microphone just because the app is opened nor do we use it when you’re not in the app,” Garcia Martinez said.

Facebook may not listen to every single word you say, but they do in fact listen. It is the same way with Google. These are just a couple examples, so imagine how many programs on your phone use your microphone so that they can listen to your private conversations for “advertising purposes.”

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