Surviving High School One Friendship at a Time

Are you awkward and bad at talking to people? Do people tend to avoid you? Are you lonely? Do not fret, my fellow awkward human! We could all use a friend in our day and age. High school is a hard four years, and everyone needs their partner in crime to make things suck just a little bit less.

You know that thing that you love? That book series or tv show or youtuber that you know way too much about? Find someone that loves it as much as you do. Wear a shirt that has a quote or something recognisable by the fanbase, and maybe someone will wink or smile in your general direction. Go talk to them! They notice a fellow fan and, odds are, they are a lot more awkward than you are. Trust me, you got this!

You know that class that your parents don’t know you are failing? Ask someone to tutor you! Not only will you get help in the class, but you’ll also have a friend who will study with you and back you up when your dog ate your homework. This is also a great excuse to hang out with them.

“My best friend Briana and I have been best friends for seven years now, and I wouldn't replace it for anything. We met due to us having the same class together, and I think we were paired up for a project and we just hit it off,” says an anonymous student at our school.

Lunch is a good place to talk to people as well. A lot of people sit alone and read a book. Go talk to them! Ask what book they are reading or what they enjoy doing outside of school. If they like doing something that you do, plan something! You need to get out of the house.

“A deep friendship I have is with a classmate here at MJ. We hang out outside of school almost everyday. We met in sophomore English class/lunch. We were grouped together in English a few times and got along well. One day during lunch, I invited her to sit with me, and we've been friends ever since then,” says another anonymous MJ student.

If you’re religious, church is also a great place to meet people. Church is a judgement free environment where you can be yourself. Do not feel obligated to talk to people the first time, though. Get comfortable in the environment. Odds are someone will come to you and a friendship will begin. Exchange numbers and talk. You don’t have to go to the same school to be friends. Friendships overpower any rivalry.

Making friends isn’t hard to do. Trust yourself and go for it. You got this. I believe in you friend.

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