How Test Anxiety Affects MJ Students

Oftentimes, people assume that everyone who claims to have test anxiety is lying. In reality, test anxiety is actually pretty common.

The symptoms of test anxiety are more severe than many believe them to be. Some students have such bad anxiety that they begin shaking and crying when taking a test.

“During the finals last year I had an anxiety attack so bad that I started to cry and I was shaking...They had to pick me up and take me out of the class,” says an MJHS student.

There are many people like this student. Those who have test anxiety find it be a terrible experience, one that is unfortunately out of their control.

“I couldn't think straight and missed things that I would normally get right because I began to overthink the questions,” says an MJHS student.

Test anxiety is a real struggle that many students must deal with. Just knowing that there is a big test coming up causes students to tense up and overthink.

Everyone handles upcoming tests in different ways. Some students stay calm and focus on studying in order to prepare themselves.

“I usually take it as something I cannot control, and simply think of it as a means to improve my grade or keep it at a high stance,” says an MJHS student.

On the other hand, tests cause people with anxiety to stress out, leaving them with a ball of nerves in their stomachs every time a test draws near.

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