The Fate of the MJHS Spirit Stick

The dreaded phrase “back to school” can bring a number of possibilities to mind. For some, it means hours of studying and participating (or sleeping) in the classroom. For others, back to school means another round of the much-anticipated sporting events, spirit weeks and, arguably one of the most exciting parts, pep rallies.

Whether the pep rally is for a game day, homecoming or simply to recognize successful sports teams, students are almost always guaranteed a hectic and slightly overwhelming experience.

There are a few traditions MJHS follows when it comes to having a pep rally, the first being the playing of the drums at the bottom of the center spiral stairwell to signal the start of the pep rally. Another is the five word chant: “Bear pride Mount Juliet High,” along with the singing of the alma mater to end the pep rally.

The most eardrum-bursting tradition of them all, however, is the battle for the legendary spirit stick, which is presented to the class with the most school spirit.

In summary, this “battle” is basically won by whichever class can scream the loudest during its turn for the class chants. Synchronized swaying and crouching before jumping up and going as crazy as possible also gives the chants some added flare, as well as a better chance of winning.

This past school year was MJHS head principal Mel Brown’s last year before retirement. As a token of appreciation to Mr. Brown for all he’s done for MJ in the last 14 years, he was awarded with the original spirit stick forged by MJHS’s senior class of 2011.

As most students have probably already heard, the senior class of 2019 earned the right at this year’s first pep rally to create the brand new spirit stick, which will be fought over at MJHS pep rallies for years to come.

This left many students wondering what the new stick should look like.

One senior offered that the spirit stick should be MJHS’s school colors: black and gold. She also mentioned that a little bit of sparkle would look nice, or that maybe the new spirit stick should be big enough for all of senior class to sign.

Another student voiced the opinion of what most of the senior class probably feels when she said that as long as the stick “represents the bear pride of Mt. Juliet High,” it’s good enough for her.

Those in charge of designing the stick are the senior class student council members. Although it is too soon to tell what the final design will be, the council says they are taking suggestions from the senior class through DM’s to their official Twitter account, @ClassofSteele.

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