Technology in Schools and its Constant Change

Technology in schools is constantly changing. With that comes the need to educate students in a new way. Stemming from the first school computers used in 1980s to the now multiple devices schools use to educate and inform students, technology has evolved drastically.

From the handheld calculator to the smartboard and laptop, Assistant Principal Mrs. Sharpe has seen quite a change in recent years.

“I started teaching calculus in 1992, and we didn’t even use any scientific calculators at this point. We didn’t even have graphing calculators. It was late 90s or early 2000s that teachers got computers in their classrooms…For years, only a teacher had a computer in their classroom. The chromebooks are new, within the past few years. Even now every student doesn’t have one, but every student is holding a computer in their hand,” she said.

Ever since the world wide web became publicly available in 1991, the internet has been evolving at a rapid rate. More and more schools began adapting to the modern world. iPads, Chromebooks and the use of the internet are now a common occurrence in schools.

Laptops have become common in schools and have since spread greatly. Chromebooks, recent tech that MJHS has been buying into, are used for convenience. Other schools have iPads or Smartboards and some schools are experimenting with virtual reality.

Unfortunately, such fast-paced technology does have its drawbacks.

“There was quite a learning curve for teachers, I don’t think for students… For example, our faculty are all on a google classroom together. Even that this year for some people has been a bit of a curve. I think it’s always going to be hard for people to adapt to change and technology is constantly changing,” Sharpe said.

While technology is extremely helpful, Sharpe only regards it as a learning tool.

“I don’t think technology can substitute for a good teacher. I think if you’ve got a bad teacher situation, that needs to be worked on as its own entity and I don’t think technology can fix that. However, I do think technology is a wonderful tool. If a teacher is growing and learning and they can figure out how to use the technology appropriately, it could make that person a better teacher,” she said.

Hailee Seng, a Sophomore at MJHS, has the same opinion.

“I don’t think that better technology replaces good teachers. I feel like if your teacher is able to answer questions on the fly and they can elaborate more than a computer can, they are better than any technology,” Seng said.

Technology has made schools more efficient in learning and has bettered the education system as a whole.

“I think that tech is a really handy tool because you could instantly research a topic that you don’t know. Say you don’t know how to do a certain problem, you could just look it up on the internet and it’s there,” she said.

Technology will continue to change, and with that comes more problems and more benefits. Wherever the future is heading, schools are sure to change with it.

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