Surviving High School One Heart at a Time

Most people in high school have some form of social media, the most common being Instagram and Snapchat. Even so, what people don’t see is the toll it can take on others.

Unrealistic standards have been set by celebrities, people that are admired and popular kids in both high school and other environments. Thus, high school has becomes a place where bullying thrives, especially on social media. High school is emotionally taxing on its own, without social media making us feel worse. It’s time to do something about it.

Your fellow classmates have advice on how to lower societal standards. It’s amazing what people our age say when given the chance to be themselves and speak their mind.

“It seems that it is rooted in people not considering the power of words. This is because in this modern day people trust in those who they think are better than them such as social media stars, and this gives the stars a massive sphere of influence,” says an anonymous student.

I love the truth behind this. So many people, especially in high school, don’t understand the power of words. This is why bullying often occurs online. People don’t realize that what they are saying could hurt the other person.

“I feel that people push these standards because those who meet the “standards “ push them to make themselves feel better. I feel that we need to start realizing that we were born an original, so we shouldn’t die a copy,” says another anonymous person.

I love how real both of these people were. In a place where we are constantly judged, it’s nice to be able to speak your mind without fear that what you say will be shut down. We all need to understand that no one is perfect. We are all perfect just the way we are. The sooner we accept this, the sooner we can stop judging other people. If we stop bringing each other down, we can learn to instead lift each other up, one person at a time.

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