Does Having Phones Taken Away Affect the Way We Learn?

Many MJHS students have mixed emotions on whether or not our phones should be taken away during class. According to a recent survey, 10 out of 13 students are not okay with phones being taken. Of course, there are some obvious reasons as to why phones should be taken away, but on the other hand, many strongly believe that this goes both ways.

An opinion shared by many is that having phones out can help improve students’ focus during class, partly because they can listen to music to help them zone in to their work. Music may be a distraction for some, but does the opposite for others. Allowing students to keep their phones would give them the choice of whether to listen to music or not.

Additionally, if something happens at school and students need to contact someone, then it is important that they have their phones in order to do so.

If students do have their phones, then they could use them in order to get help with classwork ot to research. If the teacher isn’t in the room or is helping another student, then phones could be used to find what the student needs. This could increase grades and could possibly save them from having homework that night.

Also, it is never a guarantee that a class will have chromebooks, so allowing students to keep their phones ensures that they will always be able to research during class. High school students should be trusted to be on their phones if they are responsible enough.

“It is really unnecessary with older kids such as high school because kids are already more responsible, and enforcement of a no phone policy is quite ineffective in the first place,” says an MJHS student.

More than half of the 13 people that were surveyed agreed. Many teachers believe that it is okay to take students’ smartphones because they think that it helps students focus if they don’t have access to their phones. In reality, there is a possibility that the students may wonder if they have any notifications, thus leading their focus away from the lesson.

One MJHS student says, “It is not fair for teachers to take away phones during the day because it isn’t their property. Some teachers will take them and throw them in a box because they don’t care what happens to them.”

Obviously, many students use their phones for learning or find that listening to music calms them down. Also, some students find their minds wandering when they don’t have their phones, thinking about the possible situations in which they might need them. Thus, many MJHS students are in agreement that taking up phones does more harm than good.

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