Applying For College? Try These 3 Tips To Make It Easier

Every high school student that is planning on going to college has experienced the fear of filling out college applications. They constantly ask themselves “What am I supposed to write?” and “What happens if I don’t get in?” Although these are both realistic fears, there are easier ways to register for college.

First and foremost, make sure to turn in applications as soon as possible. Do not miss the deadline.

James Agee, who is a professor at Trevecca Nazarene University, talks about college applications and why it is very important to have them filled out and turned in before the day they are due.

“It depends on the school. Some have limited spots, so missing [a deadline] likely means you will not get in. Many other schools have plenty of spots available, so you will get accepted if you meet their acceptance criteria even if it is after the deadline,” Agee said.

It is highly recommended that applications are turned in before the deadline. Even if an application is top-notch, there is still the risk of the school not having available spots. Write that essay, get that recommendation, do whatever is required to apply for your designated college.

Another tip that is useful when applying for college is to pick out several different schools instead of sticking with just one.

“Apply to several schools. Don’t stress too much about getting into your ‘dream’ school; you will likely be happy and be able to succeed wherever you end up going,” Professor Agee said.

Bella Agee, who is a senior here at Mt. Juliet High School, explains the fears and questions seniors have about all things college. She is planning on going to Trevecca; however, she is applying to other universities as well to be safe.

“I’m most stressed about the essay questions. I’m nervous that my answers will not be what they are looking for,” said Agee.

One last important thing to consider when applying is to start writing your college essays early so that there is plenty of time for writing and revising later on.

Jessica Yeager, a woman who works for Business Insider, got accepted into prestigious schools, such as Harvard and Yale, for taking months to make her college essay as perfect as possible.

One last thing to always keep in mind is that college will take time to get adjusted to. Think of high school and how different it was from middle school: the same thing goes for college.

“I think they [high school seniors transitioning to college] generally have the skills that they need. Juggling the workload and living on their own often requires some time to get adjusted,” Professor Agee explained.

Bella Agee even talked about the most major change she expects to see in college.

“The workload is definitely going to be different. I think juggling everything is going to be something I’ll have to get used to,” she said.

College is a time for new experiences and change, so it is normal to have some nerves. Always be on top of the game when filling out college applications. Remember that preparation is key and applying super early is better than applying super late.

With doing these things, it is guaranteed that your college application process will go a lot smoother whether you are applying for a small Christian college or an Ivy League school.

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