Wildfires in California Continue to Spread

This year there have been many wildfires in California. So far there has been three major blazes. These fires have affected about 700,000 acres of the 100 million acres in California.

Most of them have given limited access to national parks in California. One threatened Yosemite National Park and became the largest wildfire in state history.

On July 26, 2018, one fire named the ‘Carr’ fire took a firefighter’s life. A ‘firenado’ dropped down in Redding, Calif. This was an extremely heated tornado. It was the size of three baseball fields and had winds up to 165 miles per hour. This was the 6th firefighter that has been taken this year. It has been the most lethal season since 2008.

The current fires that are being tracked are: Ranch Fire, which has only been contained 76%, and started July 27th. River Fire, which has been contained completely now, and it

started July 27th, as well. Carr Fire, only contained at 75% and it started July 23rd. Then there is the Ferguson Fire, which has thankfully been contained 86%, but unfortunately started July 13th. The ‘firenado’ that was mentioned earlier was so ferocious that it pulsed with 2,700 degrees of heat. It ripped off roofs and flung cars, etc. The tornado exploded in the middle of the Carr Fire. Observations from witnesses say that either several fire tornadoes occured at different places and times. The other hypothesis is that one fire tornado formed then periodically would weaken and strengthen.

This entire fire started because of a mechanical failure of a vehicle. There is 3,573 fire personnel.

People have also been claiming that this fire is so hot that it is creating it is own weather system. It’s creating strong winds which makes it difficult for experts to predict which way the blaze will spread.

Carr has only killed 8 people so far. It’s destroyed over 1,000 homes, and it has become the sixth most destructive in California history.

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