Desserts At The Fair That Will Make You Forget Your Diet

Every year brings something new, along with memories to share, at the Wilson County Fair! A night filled with games, rides, food and friends. Although, the rides are the main attraction, to some people the main attraction is the food. I mean, who can resist the delectable smell of the desserts while your wandering around the fairgrounds?

With all of these delicious treats to choose from, so it's no wonder the fair is popular among people. Almost everyone loves fair food.

Arianne Tribiana, who has been to the fair previously, shared her insight on fair food.

“They’re really good, but that’s a lot of calories," Tribiana said.

That’s the thing about the food and desserts at the fair-they taste amazing, but at the same time are terrible for you. But who cares, right?

If you’ve ever been to the Wilson County Fair before you will notice that they have a wide selection of food and desserts; however, the most popular treats are fried oreos and funnel cakes.

“Funnel cake...that’s really good..oh and fried oreos," said Tribiana.

I guess it has always been a competition between fried oreos and funnel cakes. So I ask you, reader, which is your favorite?

“First of all, you get more funnel cake than you do fried oreos for a dollar. Second you can’t eat a lot of fried oreos or you’ll get sick, but you can eat funnel cake and feel fine," said Parker Johnson.

Fair food tends to make people queasy. While it may be because of the rides, we may never know because the desserts we feast on such as fried oreos are greasy and packed with an oodle of sugar. Greasy foods and rides are not a good mix, especially when you’ve just ate and immediately go on rides.

Besides all this, every single calorie gained from these delicious treats is totally worth it, which is probably why people keep coming back to the fair!

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