The Sports Team That Many Students Don't Know About

Wait, there’s a bowling team? Many Mount Juliet students respond like this when hearing about the team. In fact, the bowling team has been around for a number of years, and last year, the team improved more than ever.

Brandon Jones has been a member of the bowling team since his freshman year.

“I have been bowling for a long time, so it's a really big passion of mine,” said Jones.

Even as a freshman coming onto the team, Jones was a starter for many matches, which is impressive due to there being only six spots for starting bowlers.

“I'd recommend it. It's a great learning experience for anybody who wants to learn how to bowl,” he said.

Many members of the bowling team had little experience in the beginning, but with practice, the players vastly improved.

Jones continued on by saying, “You just join - you will get better as the season progresses.”

Beginners are welcome to join because it is about having fun and growing as a team.

“Probably just getting strikes,” Jones said when asked the most satisfying thing about the sport.

In fact, players can't wait to hit a strike in bowling, and as of recently, the team has been hitting many strikes.

Last year, the bowling team made it to regionals, which is a pretty impressive achievement. With that said, bowling is not as easy as it sounds. In fact, there are many technical skills involved in order to be a good bowler.

Players often struggle with hitting the marks. Staying consistent and hitting the same mark every time can be challenging because even the slightest movement off can mess up the throw and change the direction of the ball.

So, yes, Mt. Juliet High School has a bowling team, and everyone is welcome to join.Students should check it out if it interests them. Moreover, students should come out and support the team. It easy to join and even easier to support. The team will be starting soon, so get out there and get your bowl on.

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