The Spirit Stick: Where Did It Come From and Where Is It Now?

Since the end of the last school year, many MJHS students have been wondering: where is the spirit stick? At the moving on up pep rally, the spirit stick was given to Mr. Brown as a farewell gift before his retirement, but no one seems to know if it’s gone for good. Additionally, many students seem to believe the spirit stick is just something of myth, rather than something decorated by the class of 2011 to create a reward for the competition between the classes. So that leaves two things to be answered: where is the spirit stick now and where did it come from?

Mike Duncan, an assistant principal at MJHS, says that the purpose of the spirit stick was to make a challenge between the classes. He started to work at MJHS in 2006 as a teacher and became an assistant principal in 2010, which is when, according to him, the competition between the classes became intense. The spirit stick was created in 2011, stirring the pot even more.

After the old spirit stick was given to Mr. Brown, MJ was without a prize to encourage class participation. Fortunately, at the most recent pep rally, it was announced that there is a new one in the making.

“The spirit stick retired last year, but we are making a new one this year,” Mrs. Rainey said at the pep-rally.

For many years, the spirit stick has been used as a way to encourage competition between the classes. Faculty members judge the classes during pep rallies to decide the winner. Mr. Duncan was previously a judge.

“I was a judge once many years ago… The job as a judge was to see which class is louder,” says Mr. Duncan

According to Mr. Duncan, the spirit stick has both pros and cons. For one, he feels that it starts a conflict between the classes. On the other hand, though, it creates a fun challenge between the classes so that they all have to participate to win the stick.

Either way you see it, the new spirit stick, soon to be made by the senior class, will soon be back, bringing even fiercer competition to our pep rallies.

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