Surviving High School One Binder at a Time

Let’s face it, we have no organizational skills in high school. Most of us do well enough just to keep up with homework, let alone keep everything neat and orderly in our bags and binders. Sure, it seems hard to get organized and then stay that way, but do not fret! I have comprised a list of tips from your fellow classmates to help you get (and stay) organized! P.S. You’re welcome.

After talking to fellow students, I wasn’t surprised to see that most use binders for each class to stay organized. One student gave the idea to use one binder for each class, then have a separate one for homework. This is something that I do myself, and it does come in handy. It’s also smart to have extra paper in this binder. Students also suggested color coordinating their notebooks with the binder for that class.

I was honestly looking forward to seeing what the freshmen’s opinions on organization were. They didn’t disappoint.

A very passionate freshman said, “Lockers are pointless and binders are too big. Just get folders.”

Something I found funny was that most of the freshmen use folders rather than binders. This won’t last, though. They are used to using chromebooks for everything after coming from the middle school, where each student was able to use their own chromebook. Welcome to high school, where paper is still a thing. They will see very quickly that folders simply won’t do. Any of them taking geometry will learn faster than others, as you have so many notes.

These are just two simple ideas for how to stay organized. What’s most important is to find something that works for you and stick with it. Take a weekend to get everything in your bag and binder organized, and take a random Monday before first block to organize your locker. Just do it. You got this! Take it easy, MJ.

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