The Many Benefits of Cats and Dogs

Puppy fever is everywhere. It’s that sudden realization that puppies are adorable and you need one. Kitten fever is not as everywhere, but just as real. If you have either one, cave in. Both dogs and cats do wonders to emotional and physical health. Many colleges have also realized this and added Puppy Therapy rooms during finals week including Yale and Vanderbilt.

The many benefits of dogs and cats include lessening depression, reducing anxiety, increasing self confidence and helping to work through problems. There are many people, myself included, that talk to their pets. We use this to say what’s on our mind without the fear of being judged as we would by a person.

This helps in high school because girls can never make up their minds. They take opinions from 30 people and end up doing something completely different. Pets also fill your need for companionship and can keep you healthy. Cats have been known to help people with several different sleeping disorders including insomnia. Dogs require constant exercise, which can keep you in shape. They will also steal the cookie in your hand to help you lower your sugar intake.

During finals week, students are under so much stress due to studying for hours at a time without much break. By playing with a puppy or kitten, that stress can disappear for a little bit and you can relax. Vanderbilt and Yale (among many others) have realized this and offer Puppy Therapy. Yale actually has dogs that you can rent and play with at any time. Vandy only has this during finals week when the stress is highest. This is still extremely helpful.

No matter what time of the year it is, you should always cherish and love your pets. They only want what’s best for you and to steal all of your food. Take time this summer to play and cuddle with your pet. They deserve it and you do, too. :)

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