The Effects of Social Media on Teenagers

As well all know, the millennial generation is very different from the previous generations before them. Only now do we have instant and limitless access to knowledge. Although the internet has many key features that have nothing to do with being social, it has helped connect millions of people together.

It connects people as close as neighboring towns all the way to people on continents on the other side of the Earth. With all of this being said; how can this mix of easy access of information and virtual socializing affect the growing brain of a teenager? Simply put, the internet can cause dramatic changes in the way young people think and view the world.

To many people, you like a picture simply because how you enjoy how it looks, but it’s not always that simple. Teenagers and others alike who are seemingly addicted to social media tend to enjoy pictures with high amounts of “likes” more than they like those without.

The fact is reflective of the world we now live in where many people are driven by immediate gratification. Where there self image can be easily built up or broken based on how many likes they get on a picture of themselves. Although these points may make social media seem bad, it is not. It can be either or depending on how you use it. Like everything else, social media needs to be used within the margins of real life and with moderation.

Technology has been advancing ever since humans have been on this Earth and it will continue to advance. With the continuous advancement of phones, laptops, computers, and tablets, social media will always be a concurrent subject in the world. Teenagers will always be one tap away from connecting with their friends and relatives through many apps such as snapchat, instagram, facebook, and twitter. Even our President regularly uses twitter to update people on important national matters.

Ultimately, teenagers will never stray away from social media as technology continues to advance. As developers push out new apps hoping to be the next facebook or twitter, the want for social media grows exponentially.


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