Last Minute Tips and Strategies for Your AP Exams This May

It is that time of year when AP students are regretting life choices, either wishing they had just dropped that class a few months back or actually started studying when they should have. The exams are coming up fast with the first set of tests starting on May 7 this year and will last for about two weeks after that. Many are panicking and cramming so it is important to know a few study tips and other strategies to help get that passing score.

Knowing your learning style is a great way to find the perfect study strategy. A few of the styles include kinetic, read/write and visual. Take a quick online test, and it will tell you. Once you have this, your learning style can direct you to a habit that works best for you specifically.

An obvious, and justified, study strategy is prep books. AP prep books are available for just about every AP class, and they include practice tests, chapter reviews, and review questions. It can take some time, though, to go through a whole book so if you wait until the week before to brush up or in some cases teach yourself everything again from the class, one would need to do some serious cramming.

If the class is all about memorization, like history and some sciences, going through flashcards on important terms, statistics, and facts a couple days before can help your chances of passing by a lot. There are numerous apps that can help with this. Some give you the capability to study and test over the flashcards all on your phone or computer.

Classes like calculus, physics, chemistry, etc. may require more work than just flashcards. These courses are about application as well as memorization. Reviewing math skills is essential to pass these exams so watching videos online or printing out some practice sheets are likely the most beneficial way to study.

There is a good chance you are more prepared for the test than you think. You did take the course for a semester or a even a year, and it was not for nothing. The most significant strategies do not necessarily involve studying and are what you hear before every big test. Don’t stress yourself out by cramming the night before, and take a break. Get some good sleep. Eat a filling, nutritional breakfast. And something that Mrs. Hayes swears by, have a positive attitude. Going in without any negative feelings makes the environment better, and probably your test score too.

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