Despite Being the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt Has Done Nothin

Last year, Scott Pruitt was appointed as the new Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. Since then, he has done numerous things that you would not expect from someone that is supposed to be preserving the environment. Many people think that he is trying to accomplish the exact opposite.

One of the first red lights was how Pruitt backed the decision to come out of the Paris Climate Agreement. This agreement was made for countries to try and make a difference when it comes to global climate change. Pruitt backed Trump in this decision because it would somehow benefit America. He apparently thinks his job is not to help the environment but instead to find people jobs.

Another reason to distrust him is the EPA’s purchase of a phone booth for the administrator. Sounds innocent right? Wrong. The phone booth cost the EPA $43,000. The booth is soundproof in order for Pruitt “to make and receive phone calls and to discuss sensitive information, including classified telephone calls up to the top secret level”.

This is, in fact, illegal. The EPA is only permitted to spend $5,000 on renovations or new office equipment.

Scott Pruitt has started to roll back the standards put in place during President Obama’s time in office. Regulations surrounding pesticides, lead paint and renewable fuel requirements have been changed. Pruitt has decided to lower the standards on emissions coming from vehicles. This means that trucks and cars that are dirty and are hurting our environment will be the norm.

This also means that the companies actually manufacturing cars that won’t destroy our planet will suffer. Tesla and some other brands make cleaner cars, and they are going to hurt because of it.

Something else that seems a little sketchy is the amount of security he wants. Where previous administrators mostly just used security when traveling, he has a 24 hour security detail. His detail is made up of nearly 20 men and 20 vehicles.

Why Scott Pruitt still has that position is a suitable question. For someone who is supposed to be protecting the environment, he seems to not have any care in the world for it. As of right now, Trump is happy with him having that job, so, to the sorrow of the environment, that is where he will possibly stay.

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