Anxiety During Tests Can Be Draining, But There Are Numerous Ways You Can Cope With Those Dreaded Fe

It is finally that time of year again where tests are right around the corner. The stress is growing in every student as they get ready for each and every exam. Sometimes, though, no matter how much students prepare for a test, their scores do not reflect their knowledge. This can be a product of test anxiety.

Symptoms of test anxiety can be both physical and emotional. People can experience sweating, shaking and lightheadedness as well as fear and anger. It can be important to realize if one has test anxiety so they can address ways to help themselves and their test grades in those situations.

Madison Garner, a junior with test anxiety stated, “It affects me mentally and physically, mainly by draining my energy.”

There are a few ways out there that can help soothe test anxiety. One major way that can help with stress is to just be prepared. If someone is ready for the test, they are more likely to not be stressed while the test is happening. Of course there are the people who are as prepared as they can get and still get anxiety for tests.

One thing people should try is to get a good night’s sleep and fuel their bodies beforehand. These things will give you more energy the day of. Having more energy can make you feel more ready for the test to come.

A possible factor that can contribute to test anxiety, and therefore lower scores, is a cynical outlook. If you go into the test with a negative mindset, you will have more pessimistic feelings. However, if you go in thinking positive thought, it could help you stress maybe a little bit less.

“I feel that I second-guess myself when I am suffering from the anxiety. I tend to make silly mistakes throughout the test,” Garner added.

Another thing that could hurt scores is the pressure coming from the environment. If someone is taking a test but constantly looking at how others are doing and how far they are compared to them, they are bound to become more stress. The best way is to focus solely on yourself and your own test. Do not agonize about what others are doing.

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