Why Young Adult Fiction Is Better Than Adult Fiction

Young adult fiction is mostly targeted at teenage readers, but this growing genre is still popular among grown-ups. There is something more entertaining about those narratives that applies to people of all ages.

If you have ever been to a young adult (YA) book signing, you see that a majority of the group is made up of people over 18. According to The Guardian, about 55 percent of teen books’ sales are from adults. There is definitely some reasoning behind this. YA is just plain better than regular adult.

Many read books in order to escape reality or relax their mind, and YA books are ideal for that. 49-year-old Melinda Austin is an avid YA reader. She claims that she reads these to connect with her children and because each of their storylines are unlike anything else. YA tends to be so much more imaginative and unique than regular fiction, so if you want to be pulled into a book, YA is the way to go.

Creative stories following young characters have been popular for some time now. The Chronicles of Narnia is loved by millions, and it became so popular, there are two movies about them. Other huge teen hits that even adults rave over are Harry Potter (obviously), The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner series.

All of these sensations have numerous things in common. The stories are about flawed but brave young people who face evil and change the world. You get to watch these character grow and change. Their quirks are relatable, and their journeys are often intense and thrilling.

Though fantasy and adventure are vastly popular in this category, contemporary novels are also big hits with people of all ages. Books like these cover issues like mental illness, crime, LGBT situations and other social and political topics. These are a little different than the novels used to escape reality. They are more to experience others’ realities in order to understand more about their own.

Yes, there are adult novels like these as well, but YA shows that young people face harsh situations too, and they can overcome so much. Young adult books give young people and older people characters to look up to.

Jillian Austin said, “Adult books tend to be very repetitive. In YA, even contemporary novels have distinctive plots.”


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