Who Reads The Books Assigned In Class?

We are required as students to read certain books, such as Animal Farm, Romeo and Juliet and To Kill A Mockingbird. Usually, we are told to read most of it at home. We have one week to read nine chapters and take notes. A quiz usually follows over those chapters. I was curious as to who actually reads the books assigned in class, so I asked around. What I found shocked me in a way I never expected.

66.7% of people said that they do read the books assigned in class. Reasons varied from loving to read to receiving better grades to being forced. 24% of people said that they do if they have time.

A total of three people said that they do not read the books. One student described the required books as “..dry and uninteresting..” due to them being outdated. I believe that there are valuable lessons in each story, you just have to look for them.

I also was curious as to what people do when they have a quiz coming up and haven’t read the chapters, as well as how well they do on said quiz. The responses I received confirmed what I had originally thought.

29% of people use the internet to look up summaries. 45% make logical guesses. 23% are responsible students and never have this problem. This did not surprise me in the slightest. What did surprise me was that one person admitted to cheating on these tests by looking up answers.

One person admitted this: “I usually ask my mom because she has read all the books I read.”

If you are in high school and still asking your mother to explain a book because you are too lazy to read it, there’s a problem. This is why so many people are immature in 9th grade. Most parents will give them all the answers they want. They need to learn to do their own work.

As far as the results of these quizzes, most people miss between one and four questions each time. One person said that they miss the questions relating to what a particular character said. Teachers, if you want to see how many of your students look up the answers and how many actually read the book, these kinds of questions are best to sprinkle all over the quiz.

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