Fortnite Craze Sweeps Over the Nation

Fortnite is taking over as the head game for middle and high schoolers. It’s basically The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in video game form. The goal is simple: Be the last person standing. How do you do this? By murdering everyone and outrunning a deadly storm! Sounds fun, right? Everyone seems to think so.

It started out as a computer game, but the creators wanted people to be able to play anywhere and at any time. Naturally, they made it into an app because we don’t spend enough time on our phones as it is. Currently, it’s only available for iOS devices (anything owned by Apple). Don’t worry Android users. They are working on it. It seems like Flappy Bird 2.0 has arrived.

I asked around to see what is wrong with our generation.

Most of the players I talked to would agree that the game is addicting, yet no one confessed their addictions. Basically, people want to win. You have a 1:100 chance of winning with the odds never in your favor. There are middle schoolers playing this game. They won’t be able to beat an 18 year old. You have better odds of dying in a car accident than winning this game. This keeps people coming back. All they need is hope. And a social life.

Contrary to what I originally thought, most of the gamers that I talked to don’t think this will be like Flappy Bird. This is due to it not being a rage inducing. You also need a code from the game creators to get the app. The code is sent via email. After you get the code, have fun.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to learn and understand the game. From what I observed, this game is survival of the fittest, but luck is also needed. The storm that can kill you forms in random places for each round. There is also many different modes available, including a team mode. With these new and excited things being added, more people will want to play. In turn, we become the generation obsessed with technology.

In a world where technology controls our lives, this game is not helping. It’s one more thing to lead us into procrastinating doing homework or studying or going outside. Word of advice: Put yourself on a time limit. If you have an hour’s worth of homework, play the game for ten minutes, then do homework. After homework, play for half an hour, then talk to your family. By spacing out the time that you play, you are teaching your brain to not obsess over a game. There’s a lot to do online, but even better things to do in real life. It will help you.

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