The Importance of Sleep for Students

Sleep is commonly known as, “food for the brain” and we all need it. Without enough sleep, our mood, productivity and well-being can be negatively affected. Lack of sleep is a common problem among students and should be an important focus in their lifestyle.

Sleep has many purposes towards increasing the body’s overall health. It restores the energy that the body released throughout the day and helps the body fight off common infections. It rests the heart by lowering the heart rate and blood pressure. It also improves memory and sharpens the mind to give the ability learn new things.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, to be able to function at their best, teens and young adults should be getting at least eight to 10 hours of sleep every night. In this day and age, high school and college students are recorded as the most sleep-deprived people in America.

After surveying a random group of students here at MJHS, it’s clear that Mount Juliet teens don’t sleep as much as they need to. Seven out of 10 students admitted to getting less than six hours of sleep on their average school nights. When students are tired at school, they’re less focused and less motivated to learn and get their work done.

“Sometimes I get too tired to do some assignments,” said MJHS junior Margaret Anderson.

Like most students, Anderson wishes she could get more sleep before having to go to school. She believes more sleep would help her school productivity.

“If I had more hours of sleep every night, I would actually show up to school on time,” said another MJHS student.

There are many tips and tricks that are said to have helped people in their search for better sleep. Some are bigger lifestyle changes, such as making and sticking to a sleep schedule and exercising daily.

Other methods are simple and easy changes, such as drinking less caffeine, avoiding napping in the afternoons and spending your daytime in the sunlight.

Sleep is incredibly important to person’s health. It is especially important to teens that attend school and jobs. Don’t let a shortage of sleep keep you from being your best. Sleep on that.

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