Students Advocate Nationwide Against Gun Laws in America

Recently, there has been a sharp incline in school shootings. This incline has infuriated countless students who fear for their lives upon entering a school building. Everyone can agree that a school should be a place of learning, but just because something should be one way, does not always mean that it is. Last week, thousands of students across America simply stood up and walked out of class in protest of the country’s loose gun restrictions.

Many students took it upon themselves to organize rallies outside of their schools, complete with picket signs and group chanting, prodding the government for stricter gun regulations.

They believe that the gun laws in America should mimic those of many European countries, which statistically speaking have much lower rates of gun-related crime. These countries have either made it extremely difficult to find oneself in possession of a firearm, or have simply banned them outright.

Mount Juliet High School is a part of the Wilson County school department, which was on leave for spring break at the time. Due to this, there were no local walkouts.

“I probably would have attended the walkouts had we been in school, but not because I believe that it will help anyone,” said Keaton Simmons, a junior at MJHS. “I feel like there would be a lot of pressure on kids to walk out, facing harsh social consequences if they disagree on gun control and decide to stay in class. It could also just be used as an excuse to skip school.”

“Walkouts don’t really seem effective to me. Sure you got your opinion out in the open and made a statement, but you also showed that you’re irresponsible in skipping school and breaking rules. The two parts cancel eachother out and you’re left with an ineffective mess,” also said Simmons.

It really is a difficult predicament and there’s no clear answer. Some people want guns, and others do not. There is currently no clear evidence that restricting guns or even going as far as banning them will entirely affect the rates of mass shootings.

Even so, there is no point in idling. The right answer may be to spitball ideas and see what works, implementing new regulations and just seeing what kind of effects they have. Trying and failing is better than not trying at all when it comes to saving the lives of countless children and ensuring a safe place for people to be educated.

With time continuing to pass after the walkouts, the effects of them are more and more likely to be seen. Regardless of whether or not these students are taken seriously, a nation-wide protest is bound to garner some attention of lawmakers.

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