Deep, Dark Corners

Eventually, some people get to the point where their both mind and body become numb. Depression is an evil thing that causes people to do things that they regret. It can cause people to lose their soul.

Depression is now a common thing among people around the world, from teenagers to the elderly. Some go to therapist for treatment, while others try to deal with it themselves. Some people also use drugs to deal with their problems.

Depression can cause you to lose your mind. It literally eats away at your brain, and it makes it hard to think straight. This is the reason why highly depressed people have issues explaining their problems. People’s grades drop when they are really depressed, and they begin to isolate themselves.

Depression can be caused by plenty of things. In some cases it’s caused by life changing events, but in other cases it’s caused by stressors, medications, alcohol or medical conditions. The symptoms of depression can be insomnia or too much sleep, no energy, loss of appetite, anxiety and unexpected physical pain.

In the case that depression is caused by medical conditions, there is a lack of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a chemical that is responsible for everything from forming relationships to going to sleep at night. Serotonin Deficiency is the lack of serotonin, and it can lead to many health disorders and diseases.

People who are depressed feel like no one has their back. They feel like everyone is against them. In their mind, there is no such thing as teamwork, no such thing as “hope.” People who are at this level of depression want and need someone to help them.

Depression kills. It literally breaks people sanity and turns them into soulless bodies. When you are depressed you see the world from a whole different viewpoint. You start to have sympathy for everyone and everything because you wish that you didn’t have it as bad as you did. Maybe one day the world will come to a point where everyone is happy.

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