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The Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics officially marks the occurrence of the 23rd winter Olympics. This major multi-sports, multi-nations event ― held from Feb. 9 to Feb. 25, 2018, in Pyeongchang County, South Korea ― would be the first of 3 consecutive Olympics held in Asia!

This tradition began over 120 years ago. The Olympics were first introduced to the world in April of 1896 in Greece. Since then, the tradition has carried over every 4 years in different locations around the world. During the first modern Olympics, more than 240 male athletes participated with no women contenders. The second Olympics, 22 women joined of the 997 athletes in total. Today, in 2018, 2,922 athletes participated in the running for a chance to bring home the well sought after golden glory and a chance to step on the 3 leveled pedestal for their country. Of those 2,922 athletes, 1,680 were men and 1,242 were women.

Following the sporting events, an opening and closing ceremony is a definite must to conclude the months of work put into training. Since 1956’s games in Melbourne, a closing ceremony became an indispensable component of the annual Olympic games. The closing ceremony symbolizes a gathering of nations. Under the olympics, the many nations become united as one. The contagious atmosphere of the well prepared performances from their native popular act becomes something everybody can celebrate and remember while putting an end to this week long event.

Under South Korea’s guidance, Kpop group Exo, and CL began to carefully prep their upcoming performances, successfully sweeping people off their feet with the energetic act. Weeks prior to the performance, Olympics’ official twitter account had began to hint at the much anticipated performance by one of Korea’s top group, Exo.

Exo quickly became the center of all attention. Their names flashing across many large news outlet. Their official olympic hashtag on twitter gaining millions of tweet within hours of time. Fans around the world were overjoyed by the appearance of these world grade idols.

Exo started their performances with their member Kai’s solo performance, incorporating a gong, a traditional korean instrument, hanbok as well as flowy and flashy dance moves. As the end of Kai’s solo performance approached, 8 custom made cars came rushing in with the remaining members of Exo. The group performed Growl, their hit song from 2012 as well as one of their newest releases, Power.

Power talks about gaining strength, and becoming one through love for music. The theme of this song goes hand in hand with the objective of Olympics’ annual closing ceremony. Exo performed the song with much enthusiasm, hoping to empower the athletes regardless of their wins and losses.

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