Marine Preservation Deal Allows Seychelles Debt Relief

A large and mutually beneficial deal has arisen between the island nation of Seychelles and several environmental activist groups.

As a result of natural disasters and rising sea levels, Seychelles has been placed into millions of dollars in debt taking care of reconstruction efforts and battling the rising ocean. However, several different organisations with a focus on preserving wildlife and Earth’s environment -- including one owned by the Oscar Award-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio -- have offered Seychelles a chance to mitigate this debt.

The deal, which was planned out and proposed to the government of Seychelles by these organisations and groups, have offered to relieve at least $21 million USD, or £15 million, in debt from the island, and possibly more. All Seychelles has to do is build a massive wildlife reserve in the surrounding ocean for marine life. This area is at least 210,000 square kilometres, or 81,000 square miles, which is comparable in expanse to the British mainland; by 2020, this area may have risen up to 410,000 square kilometres, equivalent to 158,000 square miles, which is about as massive as the entire German sovereignty.

The objective of this marine life reserve is to prevent poaching, hunting, and harm from being inflicted upon the present marine creatures living in the local waters around Seychelles. It restricts fishing and tourism in the area, however, which are two major incomes for Seychelles -- especially the latter of the two activities, which the nation is almost entirely dependent on.

This is one preeminent source of opposition to the plan. Another source of discontent over the plans come from many citizens of Seychelles, who do not feel as though their opinions on the proposition were valued or even heard. The building of these marine reserves may require a sizable amount to relocate to new homes on the island, furthering the polarity between those who support the plan and those who do not.

So while it has potential to negatively impact the economy of Seychelles and has quite a bit of resistance from some locals, this idea will still permit Seychelles to rid itself of national debt while doubly keeping marine organisms from perishing.

And, despite the opposition, Leonardo DiCaprio has stated that, “This effort will help the people of Seychelles protect their ocean for future generations, and will serve as a model for future marine conservation projects worldwide.”

Overall, the plan is an ethical and economical idea, but it does have deficiencies and shortcomings. But, these drawbacks may be able to become changed as the plan goes ahead and moves forward.

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