Book Review On the New Young Adult Novel Warcross

Marie Lu’s novel Warcross follows the story of Emika Chen, a teenage hacker that lives in the not too distant future. Lu uses an idea similar to virtual reality to create a high tech game called Warcross. When Emika hacks the game and coincidently ends up in the middle of the championships for Warcross, her life changes drastically. She goes from a poor bounty hunter, living in a cramped apartment, to a praised and well-paid gamer.

There is a catch, though, the maker of the games has her competing for the sole reason of hunting down a different hacker that may pose a threat. Emika is thrown into a world of luxury and competition that comes with higher stakes than she originally thought.

The first thing I have to say about this book is how I could notice how much fun Marie Lu had writing it. She used to work in video games, and she brought her knowledge and passion for it into this book. The last series she wrote was very different from Warcross in that is was fantasy instead of science fiction. Her first series was science fiction as well, so you can see where she heart really lies.

Just a couple weeks ago, I got the chance to meet her at a signing for her newest book, Batman: Nightwalker. When I told her how much I loved Warcross, she was touched. She continued with how much this book really meant to her. I think she got to show her true colors with this story.

In my opinion, what makes this story so special is the uniqueness. Compared to many other young adult science fiction novels, it is very different. There are not any failed utopias or apocalyptic storylines in this book. Emika is not your typical protagonist, but instead, she is a smart rainbow-haired girl, who truly shows her strengths throughout the book.

Despite the term “young adult”, this book could be a favorite for many. Adults and teenagers alike would enjoy this book. Warcross has a little bit of everything. It has romance, comedy, high stakes and mystery. It is another reason why I found the book so amazing.

From the first page of Warcross, I was entranced. I loved the setting of the whole story. In the beginning, Emika lived in New York City, quite different from the present one however. The technology Lu describes adds to the wonder and the excitement in every page. The technological ideas come from what she wishes could be real. Now readers of the novel will wish them to be real too.

Another important aspect Lu includes in her story is diversity. The characters in the novel all have characteristics that are important to have in a young adult novel. Lu is able to show a realistic story with all kinds of people.

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