How You Can Help With the Fight For the Environment

People often forget that even as an individual, one can do loads to conserve and keep the earth clean. This includes the students of this high school and everyone in Mount Juliet.

As teenagers, we rarely have control over what the thermostat is set at or the kind of refrigerator that is being bought, however there are numerous other instances in which us kids can do something eco-friendly.

A very important part of ecology and preservation is reducing energy use. Importing and producing energy sources like coal, natural gases and oil is expensive and can cause issues that involve pollution and habitat loss. Therefore, anything a single person does to conserve their energy-use is significant.

Easy ways to do this include keeping curtains, blinds, doors and windows closed as often as possible, taking showers instead of baths, making sure you turn the lights off when you leave a room and using cold water to wash clothes. Doing these simple things can help with insulation and reduce the energy used to heat up a home or tub of water.

The conservation of water is another extremely valuable method for helping the environment. Water actually is a limited resource. The earth is covered in water, yes, but it is salt water. Desalination is a very difficult and expensive process. Another factor to consider is that lakes and other resources are drying up at an alarming rate, so using the freshwater we do have, wisely, is key.

To manage our water use as individuals, there are various methods. It is crucial to consistently check faucets and pipes for leaks. Additionally, taking a 10 minute shower would be more beneficial than a 30 minute one. Though you have surely heard this a hundred times, it is truly helpful to turn off the faucet when brushing teeth. Turning off the water while washing your hands is a more unheard of solution. It is unnecessary to leave it running for those 30 seconds of scrubbing. Using the dishwasher and clothes washer for full loads only, can reduce water use as well.

To help improve the environment more directly, picking up trash and using biodegradable products can help protect habitats. Avoiding pesticides and products made from endangered species are easy ways to help threatened animals.

It is not that hard to do your part as an earthen. As environmental advocate Edward Abbey once said, “ I stand for what I stand on.”

Whether it is reducing your carbon footprint by recycling and riding a bike more or helping out some animals by driving carefully and reducing waste, lending a hand to our beautiful biosphere is even attainable for the people of Mount Juliet.

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