One Student’s Opinion on Sex-Ed

Health and sex education is a required class at Mount Juliet High School; however, there is no need for the class if one is not, in fact, educated on sex.

The class is actually a joke among students. They routinely mock it and rarely pay attention due to the way that the teachers try to persuade them to be sex-free.

School systems need to offer a better sex-education class. The current sex-ed class is outdated and based almost entirely on abstinence rather than teaching students to be safe and make good decisions.

It is understood that being sex-free is the safest route; however, about sixty-two percent of high-school age students have had sexual intercourse.

Many adults are uncomfortable with the idea of teen sexuality and prefer to remain ignorant or in denial. Parents don’t want to think of their children having sex but educating students has more benefits than risks.

Teach students about how to get out of an uncomfortable or even forceful sexual situation. Teach them how to develop a real, meaningful relationship that isn’t entirely based on sex, yet can somehow still be successful whilst engaging in safe sex. They need to learn safe sex rather than abstinence-only education.

Sexual transmitted diseases are a risk to human health. By only abstaining from sexual intercourse, teenagers are not learning to participate in sex carefully and safely. With proper education methods, these risks would be decreased.

An anonymous student, when asked how she prevents pregnancy and diseases, said, “Obviously we use the basic answer, condoms. It keeps me from getting pregnant, and keeps both of us safe from STDs.”

This is the mentality of most sexually active teens. They think that condoms are 100 percent effective. It needs to be enforced that there are many other contraceptives and that STDs are very real. Do not use those twenty-plus year old videos to scare us into abstinence.

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