Unofficial Book Club Starting Up At MJHS

On Monday, Feb. 12, new book club Literary Alliance will kicked off. This organization is a place for avid readers to come together, enjoy literature and be exposed to many different genres of writing. It is not a typical book club, though, as it will also give students opportunities for creative writing. This unofficial club will celebrate the various forms of the written word in the ways that make the most sense: reading and writing.

Literary Alliance was created by a group of juniors at MJHS and is going to be sponsored by library media specialist Ms. Holloway and English and creative writing teacher Ms. Wright. Emma Sherk, founder and president, formed the club because she loves to read and wanted a place where students who also love to read can come and discuss books.

In this club, students have the option between two books of the same genre each month. The genres of the books will also inspire the creative writing prompts for the month.

The books are chosen by the officers, who also receive input from club members. This means that novels selected for the club will be ones that interest young adult readers. The club hopes to cover all sorts of genres, ranging from historical fiction to fantasy. The leaders have so far decided that February will be science fiction, March- classics (not technically a genre but still a category) and April-fantasy. Some books that are in the future plans are "Warcross," "Pride and Prejudice" and "The Hate You Give."

Students will be able read what they like as a member of the club and will not be expected to come to every meeting or participate in every discussion or reading. The leaders of the club want it to be a calm, fun place for everyone, without the regular pressures that many clubs put on their students. The club is not picky in what members can join. As long as you like to read, write, or even just listen to people obsess over book characters, they would love for you to show up.

News is slowly spreading about the start up of the club and there are many people excited to join. Students are eager to be a part of an extracurricular that is relaxing and fun. Many do not have time to read because they are focusing on doing things that will impress their future college, so joining Literary Alliance will both look good on an application and give students the time and motivation to read more.

Junior Destiny Barnes mentioned that even though she does not read much, she is excited to come and listen to the book talk on Monday.

The officers have heard from many more kids expressing their excitement for the club.

Sherk stated, “ I hope that the club will be successful. I know a lot of people want to join it. We have a lot of good ideas that will make it successful.”

Literary Alliance will meet every other Monday after school in the media center. The meetings will also switch off between book discussions and creative writing and sharing. Sherk is very excited for reading books out of her comfort zone and choosing new books that hopefully people will like. The leaders are optimistic that others, too, are excited to read books outside their comfort zone and will celebrate the written word.


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