FEMA Officials Clarify Incorrect Statements on Puerto Rican Aid Efforts

In a recent interview, high-ranking officials from the Federal Emergency Management Agency mistakenly communicated that they were soon planning to cut aid efforts to Puerto Rico, in light of Hurricane Maria that hit earlier in 2017. This statement, which was made on January 28th, was met with a large amount of backlash from a number of people.

Following the statement, people took to social media to protest the decision. Thousands of users expressed disdain for the action, and there was even a massive petition to stop the organisation

from stopping aid to the island territory -- which gained nearly 75,000 signatures in a day. There was even a statement from a congressional politician that cried out against FEMA, stating, “A third of Puerto Rico still lacks electricity…” and that “many do not have running water…”

However, two days later, a follow-up statement from FEMA spokesman William Booher said that “This aid is not stopping. There was no, and is no, current plan to stop providing these commodities…”

While aid efforts will be continuing, Booher did say that an evaluation of the needs in the territory will be conducted. Booher also noted that aid may be less required, or “less necessary” for the territory, as it has been months since the disaster.

Nonetheless, many people still disagree, and believe that Puerto Rico still lacks proper support. Or at least, that it still requires proper support. A Puerto Rican politician, Carmen Cruz, stated that “There is need still,” referring to the still massive amount of people who still need electricity and clean running water.

After the statement by Booher was released, the Federal Emergency Management Agency also said on their Twitter page that they will continue helping Puerto Rico and its people, and that they still had a vast amount of resources -- food, water, and volunteers -- ready to be sent out to further aid those still in need within the Puerto Rican community.

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