The MJHS Football Team is Raising Money and Weights Next Month

For the past 13 years, the MJHS football team has hosted a Lift-a-thon, a fundraiser to support the upcoming season where players are able to showcase their strength by performing their max lifts for the community.

Head Coach Trey Perry says the Lift-a-thon is a good fundraiser for the team, but it also gives the guys a chance to earn incentives that they need to get over the through of the season.

”It’s a way to … kill two birds with one stone.”

The Lift-a-thon has been an incredibly successful fundraiser for MJHS football, as they have raised on average $67.5 thousand over the last several years, the highest amount raised on record being just over $70,000 in 2014. Coach Perry says that this year the goal for the fundraiser is $75,000.

”The last several years, as far as fundraising goes, we’ve been hovering around the 70,000 dollar mark, and this year we want to smash that and go to 75,000 dollars.”

The proceeds from the fundraiser will go toward anything and everything football related, as well as costs of the Quarterback Club, a group of dedicated people who help with budgeting and who make sure the football season runs smoothly.

”It can be anything from shoulder pads and helmets to actual hardware and gear, and from upkeep of the field to pre-game meals”

The Lift-a-thon will begin at 5:15 p.m. on March 8 at indoor football facility at MJHS. It is free and open to anyone who wants to come watch and support.

The fundraiser also goes on in the weeks prior the Lift-a-thon, so feel free to donate to the team before the showcase night via PayPal or online.

At the Lift-a-thon, players will have opportunities to earn a spot in the Bear Club, Super Bear Club, Champion Bear Club or the highest ranked club - the Golden Bear Club.

”Our goal will be to get more people into those clubs, or advance more people into those clubs.”

Players can procure a place in one of these clubs by reaching their goal maxes, which is the highest amount of weight a player is able to lift in one rep, on both power-clean and bench press lifts. Beforehand, they will do agilities, which consist of speedwork and footwork. This way, their muscles are warmed up so that injury is less likely to occur.

MJHS football’s running back and outside linebacker Marcello Walton, a junior, hopes to max out at 340 pounds on both lifts at this year’s Lift-a-thon. His current max for power-clean is 315 pounds, while his bench press sits five pounds higher at 320.

The football team is doing everything that they can to prepare for their max outs.

“We’re working out really hard in the gym, doing what coach says and just trying to get better.”

Walton says he is nervous as his goals will be very difficult to achieve, let alone in front of the entire community, so he’s training even harder in the gym along with his fellow teammates.

The football team and coaching staff hope that this year’s Lift-a-thon will be the best one yet, and that it will set an example for future generations of teams.

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