The Detriment of This Most Recent Flu Season Continues to Affect Everyone

The past flu season has been one of the worst since the introduction of modern medicine. People all over the country have been affected by the virus. The number of deaths caused by the flu was much greater this season than what is normal.

Medical therapeutics teacher and nurse, Molly Miller stated, “I think more people have been hospitalized with the flu and more people have died from the flu than I have heard of in the past.”

The flu mostly affects children under the age of five and adults over the age of 65 because their immune systems tend to be weaker. So far this season, 53 children have died from the outbreak, as stated by the Center for Disease Control.

Not many are sure of the reason for the deadlier outbreak this year, but some have ideas. There have been Canadian researchers that have reported the flu vaccine to be 20 percent less effective to the virus than usual. It is still better to have the vaccine in your system than nothing at all, though, so it is important that those not wanting the flu get the shot.

“I think the strain they made the vaccine for this year was resistant” Miller added.

It is important to know when to seek help if one does get the flu. Symptoms that should be watched for include rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing, persistent high fever, extreme tiredness and confusion. If one does notice these symptoms, it would be best call the nurse hotline, a general physician or 800-CDC-INFO, the CDC information hotline. They could also go to the emergency room to get treatment if symptoms persist.

To prevent the flu, there are many things someone could do. For one, you should always get the flu shot. It is the best way to fight the virus. Staying away from those who are sick can protect you from getting it. Also, consistently washing your hands and using hand sanitizer will prevent contracting the virus.

There is a crucial step to help others from getting the flu that many seem to forget. If you start to feel sick and you think there is a possibility you have the flu, do not go to school or to work. That will just spread the virus and you will infect your peers.

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