Nashville’s Problem with its Public Transportation System

Although Nashville is a relatively small city compared to some of the giants in the U.S., Europe and Asia, that doesn’t mean it’s not an interesting place to study and observe. Nashville is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. Along with the good things it brings, such as jobs and more opportunities, it also comes with a multitude of problems.

One of Nashville's main problems is its congestion. To the daily commuter, the traffic in and out of the city is just something that you have to deal with. There’s a number of things you could attribute to these rush hours jams, but there seems to be one thing we lack compared to most other developing cities: a solid public transportation system.

Nashville does have a bus system, but it’s not that great. Nashville and its surrounding areas is one of those cities where you have little to no choice but to drive if you need to go somewhere. With this being said, the Nashville MTA has been working ceaselessly on fixing this problem.

One such example of how they’re working toward a solution is their new plan for a light rail system.

Light rail would be a perfect system to implement into a city of Nashville's size. With the Nashville population only being 684,410 with a density of 1,300/sq mi., it doesn’t have the proper size for a metro system like New York City’s or Chicago’s.

Since we don’t meet the requirements for a full blown metro, it’s only logical to look toward light rail, which is a transit, rolling stock service that runs on road similar to a tramway. The ‘light’ part of its name refers to its light passenger capacity compared to passenger trains and those of metro’s.

Although some light rails are diesel such as the River Line in New Jersey, light rail is primarily an electric service, which brings the benefit of clean transport as compared to the use of thousands of cars.

Another benefit is its divergence from the importance of interstates. It used to be widely thought that the development of large interstates was a good step in the direction of modernity, but we now know that they can be quite a problem.

Their noise, trash, pollution from cars and environmental destruction have all caused problems. Aside from that, they also cause great problems for the inhabitants of cities when neighborhoods and districts get torn down so that interstates can be constructed

Obviously, revamping Nashville's public transportation system will be a difficult task, but it’s something citizens desperately need. If the city gets the proper backing it needs, then this new system will bring tremendous benefits to every aspect of life.

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