New Plan in Philippines Proposes Turning Area around Mt. Mayon into “No Man’s Land”

Recently, the Filipino government has developed a

n idea in response to the mass relocation of people within the danger zone of the erupting Mount Mayon.

The idea was conceived by the country's secretary of defence, Delfin Lorenzana, and is backed by President Rodrigo Duterte.

In the wake of the recent eruption of Mount Mayon, located in the Bicol region of the Philippine islands, at least 80,000 to 90,000 people were evacuated outside of the projected danger zone, which spanned between three and six kilometres from the base of the volcano.

Almost all of these people were sent to temporary habilitation centres to wait out the occurrence, but due to the relative commonality of the volcano erupting, the government is starting to find that moving everyone out is tedious and costly. Plus, the temporary shelters -- which include schools, hospitals, and other public places, among other things -- are having extreme difficulty keeping all these people contained, with issues such as overflow and lack of necessary resources to facilitate such a large amount of people.

That's where this new plan comes in; Lorenzana suggested the idea of turning the danger area around Mount Mayon into a permanent “No man's land,” meaning that nobody would be permitted to take up residence in the area.

It would prevent the Filipino government from having to set up so many shelters and transporting so many people out of the area every time the volcano erupts.

Unfortunately, a lot of the area is privately owned, and the government would be required to wrangle it out of the owner's hands one way or another in order to enact the plan.

Furthermore, permanently relocating the nearly hundred thousand people living around the base of Mount Mayon would spark several issues, such as employment and housing for these displaced peoples. Not to mention the tourism that would drop in the region, as the eruption has attracted daring hikers and photographers from within the Philippines and from outside it alike.

Still, though, if the plan is carried out, it could prevent future injuries and even fatalities in the event of another eruption. The plan is still new, and was only recently proposed by Lorenzana, and thus many details are still unclear. For now, we await these further details into the matter.

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