Riots in France: Nutella’s Black Friday?

Picture this: the date is Thursday, Jan. 27. People all throughout France are lined up at their local Intermarché stores, eager to get in. What are they buying? Nutella.

People in France freaked out on Thursday when the Intermarché store reduced their prices for a pot of Nutella by 70 percent. People in France lined up at the stores before opening. Once it did, people rushed to buy the jars. Many have described it as ‘riots’ of people pushing, shoving and yelling to purchase a jar of Nutella. A report came out that 400 jars sold in 21 minutes.

The company that makes the hazelnut spread apologized saying that they did not have anything to do with this and are regretful that the chaos happened. The reason for the discount was a decision made by Intermarché.

With stories like this, one cannot help but think if this might happen in America. There is a chance that one big name supermarket might follow on Intermarché’s price slashing. To do that, the stores would have to figure out how much an average American loves Nutella.

Emma Sherk, a junior at Mount Juliet High School, was interviewed about this hazelnut spread and the riots in France.

When asked about why she likes it, she said, “I don’t know, I like the chocolatey taste.” This might prove insight to the validity of the people’s reactions in France.

In response to the riots she said, “I think that’s a little extreme, I don’t think Nutella needs to be rioted over.” Even though Sherk claimed to buy Nutella regularly, she replied that she would not rush to the store if it were largely discounted.

“If I was at the grocery store, and it was 75 percent off, I would buy it. But I would not go there specifically to buy it.” Sherk’s opinion about this may show that Americans may not be as enthusiastic about this hazelnut spread as the French.

There is currently no word about any store’s decision to reduce the Nutella prices here in America. One thing is for certain, Nutella definitely has some untapped potential.

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