New Consulting Hypnotist In Mount Juliet

Gabriel Saunders not too long ago opened up Suggestive Lifestyle in Mount Juliet, and he works there as a consulting hypnotist.

Some people whenever they think of a hypnotist or hypnotism, the first thing that comes to mind is magic. Or maybe even someone like Doctor Strange, but as cool as it would be, hypnotism is not magical at all. In fact with hypnotism it is all in your mind, and surprisingly you are the one doing most of the work rather than the hypnotist.

According to an interview with Gabriel Saunders, conducted by Sinclaire Sparkman of the Lebanon Democrat, his job is a lot different than what some would expect.

“There’s nothing I do that happens without your help; a consulting hypnotist is someone who consults you on a problem and will use hypnotism to try to alleviate or relieve a problem. I’m just a guide into your mind.” Saunders said.

Now if you are wondering what exactly hypnosis is, Saunders’ website clears up all the questions you may have,

“Hypnosis is a specialized way of connecting with your subconscious to get it to agree with your conscious mind. This aids in making big decisions or quitting bad habits like stop smoking along with other major lifestyle changes including weight reduction, personal development, or stress management. Hypnosis is extremely effective because it reframes your self-defeating believes old patterns and Scripts, empowering change to stop being your own worst enemy.”

So, if you have any bad habits that you need to quit as soon as possible, or if you need help with any major lifestyle changes or choices, then a consulting hypnotist, like Gabriel Saunders, could be an option for you.


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