Everything You Need to Know About the Thanksgiving Vandals

On Thanksgiving Day 2017, everyone was waking up early to shove their turkeys in the oven and indulge in a day of unlimited food. But little did the town know that two teenagers had other plans besides food on their mind.

Two Mt. Juliet High School students casually walked into Walmart and bought four cans of spray paint. Along with the cans of spray paint they also bought two face masks.

This wouldn’t seem suspicious to the average person, but the odd part is is that they did this just before 2 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day.

The teenagers made their way to Mt. Juliet High School and broke into a back window near the JROTC hallway.

Sources said that it was apparently supposed to be some sort of a senior prank or they did it just to mess with the school. Others say that it was the fact that they were drunk that lead them t

o breaking into the school. Most of the things that students hear in the hallways are just rumors and noise.

Here are the facts. The two teenagers that broke in were MJHS seniors. The oldest was 18 and the youngest 17. They will remained unnamed for confidentiality.

The 18 year old was charged with burglary and contributing to delinquency of a minor. Since he is 18 he is charged as an adult, so his current address is the Wilson County Jail.

The second suspect was charged with burglary. He was taken to Youth Services.

The suspects broke into the school around 3 a.m. They broke the back window of the door of the school. The only reason that the window was able to be broken into was because the window had not been replaced in a while and did not have the protective layer of metal underneath.

Once the students broke in they began to spray “obscenities” in the cafeteria and other areas of the school. If you are wondering what the “obscenities” are, use your imagination.

The reason as to why the student were caught is because the spray paint cans used in the crime were left on school property. SRO’s found the cans on site and were able to track the cans to the person who purchased them.

Police saw two teenagers purchasing the items on video cameras at Walmart.

“The SRO’s at Mt. Juliet High School were diligent in their efforts in finding evidence that linked these two students to the crime,” stated Sheriff Robert Bryan. “Once we obtained the empty spray paint cans, we were able to track the transaction that was made at the Mt. Juliet Walmart Supercenter, as well as the identities of the suspects.”

The day that students returned from Thanksgiving break the school was buzzing with rumors. Everyone asking the 5 W’s. Who? What? When? Where? Why?

Only the people who knew the suspects actually had some sort of idea of what was going on.

Rumors flew around the school claiming that in actuality it wasn’t students from MJHS that broke in, but that they were student from Lebanon or Wilson Central.

Obviously all these claimed to be fake and the turned out to be two of our fellow peers. And as they say, the rest is history.


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