College Football Playoff Decision Brings Cries of Bias

The college football regular season has come and gone, and in anticipation of the final College Football Rankings coming out, many of the game’s most recognized voices are making their predictions on who is going to make the cut.

Saturday was Conference Championship day, and after watching Oklahoma, Georgia and Clemson prevail in blowout fashion, the top three spots were virtually sealed, with only the number four position up for grabs.

Eventually Ohio State vs. Wisconsin was the only game remaining to be played, and by the end of the day Ohio State stood victorious, the newly crowned Big Ten Champions.

Unfortunately for them, it wasn’t enough to grab the last spot in the College Football Playoffs, as Alabama, with an 11-1 record, was instead chosen.

This has caused widespread debate across the college football fanbase as many fans are upset with the supposed favoritism that the committee is showing Alabama.

Of course, this same situation occurred last year, except it ended with Ohio State in the place of Alabama.

Ohio State, with an 11-1 record, was fighting with Penn State for the last spot in the playoffs. Penn State owned an 11-2 record, but they had also beaten Ohio State head-to-head and had won the Big Ten.

It all ended with Ohio State getting the nod for the fourth spot and eventually getting thumped by Clemson on their way to the National championship.

Of course, everyone wants to have a chance for the National Championship, but screaming “Favoritism” when your team doesn’t get in, even though you were in the exact same situation last year, coming out on top, is truly absurd.


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