Book Review : Out of My Mind

Out of My Mind. A story that my 10 year old self dwelled on. The story delivers a message that differs everytime you pick up the book. The message ages with you. It shares the weight ― the frustration, capability, and emotions of somebody who may be disabled.

Prior to reading Out of My Mind, I remember feeling both sympathetic and empathetic. After speeding through the last page of the chapter book, I can’t help but let a sense of admiration wash over me. The courage, the willpower, and the amount of power surging through their being. I wasn’t able to imagine for myself.

When I revisited the book at age 15, I realized 5 years can make a world of a difference. Every word and every sentence remind me of a wire structure at an art museum. I can’t help but stare at the book in fascination. All the message I let slip through my finger at 10 was now held in my grasp clumsily.

So what is the book about?

How should I minimize a 295 page ‘based on a true story’ book into a 300 word article? How do I push forth the heavy message?

Melody, a girl diagnosed with cerebral palsy narrates the story. Melody is filled to the brim with intelligence and ideas, but her inability to express her thoughts verbally and physically caused her a lot of frustration. Melody was given the opportunity to join a general classes, there, she was looked down upon by classmates, and teachers. They were so sure that Melody did not understood them, but Melody’s knowledge go beyond their expectations. Expectations. Standards and stereotypes we hold people to. Melody was limited to exactly that.

In this book, we grow with Melody, and we grow with the people around her. People began to learn about Melody. While some still has a clouded view, Melody quickly gained acceptance with the help of a machine.This machine allowed for her to express her opinions verbally. As the book progresses, Melody experiences many more defining moments that helped her and her family members learn more about who Melody really is.

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