The Flynn Effect

The globe is full with many pieces of evidence showing that generations of humans are getting smarter and smarter. One of the many pieces of evidence is The Flynn Effect.

When asked what Alyson Hanes thought The Flynn Effect is about, she thought it had something to do with The Mandela effect, actually, they have nothing to do with each other.

The Flynn effect, discovered by James Flynn, mainly states that each generation of humans gain around 9 IQ points. 78-year-old James Flynn is a professor of political studies at the University of Otago in New Zealand. He is the man who created The Flynn Effect.

It is a proven fact that all around the world, that new generations score higher than people older than them.

It is believed that children with a higher IQ score tend to have had more nutrition, schooling, more opportunities, etc. It is believed that the less troubled a child is at home, the more they would want to try, or be focused at school.

The main cause of The Flynn Effect is believed to be the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution affected the U.S. society in many ways. Family size fell, school was more focused on students learning and remembering things, and we cannot forget our technology. Although technology is making humans more dependant on each other, it is kind of making us a little smarter.

Some of our generation exercises different portions of our brains in a way our ancestors didn’t. For example, our ancestors could have exercised more of the hippocampus from having much more memories, while our generation, has probably exercised more of our prefrontal lobes than them. Therefore, our prefrontal lobes are probably more enlarged than theirs.

We also are able to handle more situations than our ancestors because the environment has changed since a generation. Things that happened a generation is different from now. Technology has affected humans in many ways. It is making humans better at reasoning.

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