Strong Study Habits Lead to Good Grades

With the end of course exams and finals on the big test list of the school year, all grades alike are hopefully working hard to study hard to get a good number on the final grade atop the paper.

The final exam, as the name says, is the final test of the year for the course you take until you leave for the next class and next year; and it's important to get a good grade on it.

All classes have an final exam, so all teachers may have tried to teach their students some habits to study for such an important test.

Ms. Lawton, who teaches the journalism class, works hard to make sure articles get made with good quality each week. While Ms. Lawton teaches her own way, Ms. Kelton teaches her spanish classes a different way.

Ms. Lawton said, “Persistence is important, and it's important to not study once for twenty minutes, so have a friend quiz you, and make sure you don’t leave everything to the last night and spread out your studying. Try studying for a few hours, or an hour a night if you struggle with the subject.”

Like Ms. Lawton has said, it’s important to spread out your study time, so you may get the information into her memory, and not just cram it in on the night before the test. That way, when the test comes you still remember the notes you studied.

Ms. Lawton said, “It keeps coming back eventually in life, so it’s good to know how to have strong study habits.”

It’s important to keep any strong study habits, since they may be valuable in the future, whether it be college, a job, or any situation.

Even though studying with a teacher helps a lot, others find help when finding guidance in fellow peers, such as friends or kids in their class who may understand the topics a bit better.

Students alike have had to make personal study methods that they use to prepare for tests, and most likely it could work with others. Though, the study method has to be bendable to fit to a student’s lifestyle, personality and to a decent stretch where you wouldn’t have to work to long and to hard.

With those methods in mind, try some methods and start studying early so you can get a good, clean ‘A’ on that final exam.

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