Chip Kelly Comes Back to UCLA

A former head coach for the San Francisco 49ers and coach for Oregon signed a 5-year $23.3 million deal to come back as the head coach for the UCLA football.

Chip Kelly is 50 years of age and he has been in the NFL most of his career before being with Oregon. Kelly has never won a conference title since 1998.

Athletic Director said, “Were welcome to have Chip Kelly back.’’

Kelly won four titles they were all Pac-12 in just four seasons of his career (2009 to 2012) for the Ducks. Oregon Ducks were 46-7 reaching to the Super Bowl under Kelly in the 2010 season.

Kelly’s record in the NFL was 28-35 the teams he was with were the Philadelphia Eagles and the San Francisco 49ers after getting fired from both teams before he went back to UCLA after losing to both of those teams.

Duke coach David Cutcliffe gives credit for Chip Kelly because he finds the right team to go to after searching for a job.

“It is really special for me to be back where I belong,’’ Kelly says after being hired as their head coach.

After the statement was said, Kelly gives some credit to UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel for helping him through the process of helping him trying to get a job.

“Football is about winning a championship, friendships and having a good connection with someone and he wants to turn UCLA into a championship team,’’ Kelly said

Kelly had a lot of success in Oregon and he was penalized in the NFL for failure of monitor which that rules has expired in 2014.

Kelly had a little less time for him to figure out somethings in order for him to get situated to a College or NFL job.

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