Exam Exemption Information

As we grow closer to the end of the nine weeks, students are starting to move their attention toward finishing out this semester and starting another one.

Before we can get to break though, we have to go through final exams.

BUT, some of you may be lucky enough to be exempt from these exams.

Some students are unclear on what qualifies you to be exempt from these exams. Here is what you need to know:

90 grade or above in the class in question

Really simple, if you need to be at or above a 90 in the class. This grade must be a 90 BEFORE points for Honors and AP classes have been added.

3 or fewer excused absences from class

You can’t have more than 3 excused absences. This includes if you have to miss school for sickness, or for any reason at all really. Absences are made excused when a note written by your parent or guardian is turned into the office to excuse the absence in question.

No unexcused absences

If you miss school for any reason and fail to turn in a note excusing it within three days, then you cannot be exempt from your exams.

If you DO end up being exempt from your class exam, and you choose to take the exam anyway, the grade will not be able to hurt you, only help you. So if you take it while exempt and scored bad enough to the point that it would negatively affect your grade in the class, the grade would be thrown out altogether.

For those of you that do not have to take exams, good job and enjoy your early break!

For the rest of us, just hang in there, we’ll make it out of this just fine.

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