Trump Administration Lifts Ban on 'Trophy' Elephant Imports

Recently President Donald Trump has caused controversies with Animal Activists with the lifted ban on ‘trophy’ elephant imports leaving not only Animal Activist outraged but many Social Media Influences have been offended by this decision.

President Trump has decided to let big game hunters import the heads of elephants into the United States, reversing an Obama-era ban from 2014. Shortly after, the US Fish and Wildlife service confirmed the move.

The lifting of the ban states clearly that African countries Zimbabwe and Zambia will begin issuing permits for elephant trophies even though elephants are still listed under the Endangered Species Act. The elephant, which typically is hunted for its ivory tusks, has been listed as a “threatened” species since 1978.

While much of Africa’s wildlife is endangered due to poachers, savanna elephants may be the most threatened due to this. Many animal sanctuaries have had many things to say about the result of the movement.

“By lifting the import ban on lion trophies in Zimbabwe and Zambia, the Trump Administration underscored the importance of sound scientific wildlife management and regulated hunting to the survival and enhancement of game species in this country and worldwide,” explained Chris Cox, executive director of the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action.

Lifting just one ban can cause a chain reaction for other animals as well. The import ban on lions were lifted now elephants, too. What’s next?

“Zimbabwe’s elephant population has declined six percent since 2001 and evidence shows that poaching has increased in areas where trophy hunting is permitted,” Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States. said. “Remember, it was Zimbabwe where Walter Palmer shot Cecil, one of the most beloved and well-studied African lions, who was lured out of a national park for the killing. Palmer paid a big fee even though it did irreparable damage to the nation’s reputation.”

Having these bans lifted causes the wildlife population to suffer in a excruciating way. Many animal activists claim their opinion about the situation in thoughts like this one: “animals should not be killed for money or a reward of any kind. Many Social Media Influences have had a say in this situation and is bringing it to our attention through their media accounts.

For example one of the biggest rising solo artist Camila cabello has posted a picture and captioned it with her thoughts about this for her fan base of 13.7 million followers to see.

She starts off the caption with, “Right now, I am livid. I am angry. I am frustrated…”

Throughout her caption she explains how this could possibly destroy our planet and that elephants are going to disappear quicker than we think. Her post has received 870,500 likes supporting her thought.

Along with Camila, Ellen DeGeneres has spoke out against the act as well reaching to her 49.3 million followers. She first spoke out with a post and a short caption stating, “Donald Trump is lifting the ban on elephant trophy hunting. We can’t allow this to happen and not speak up.”

Later that day she posted yet another post saying that she is determined to do something about this asking her followers to repost and make donations to support elephants. Recently she posted another picture with shirts you can buy to support the elephants.

In all, Trump sure has stirred up Animal Activists and Social Media Influences in negative ways. Elephants are creatures on this planet just as humans are, too. Elephants are endangered species and are being killed everyday by poachers. Imagine how many more could be killed now with the importation access to our country.

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