The "Perfect" Student

Any teacher has their own definition of the “perfect student.” In every class, there is a wide variety of students: the know it all, the goody two shoes, the suck up and the shy kid that never talks.

For some teachers, the perfect student could be the one that never leaves their side and does everything they are told. For others, it could be the ones that sit in the back and don’t really know what they are doing half the time in class. All depends on who you ask.

Some teachers have many expectations for their students. Most teachers focus on how the student asts in the classroom and to others. For example, Mrs. Lawton looks mostly at the characteristics of a student.

“I like when the student is respectful towards others and to me that's a plus. I also like when the student works hard and never gives up even on something, even if it’s hard for them,” Mrs. Lawton said.

It doesn’t have to be what the society or other students in your class label you as. Sometimes it’s what the teacher sees in you. It’s not always obvious. Your teacher could treat you just like every other student and still favor you. They could push you harder just to see your highest potential.You could be your teacher’s favorite student and never know it.

There is society's definition of a perfect student and you may or may not be it. Just be yourself in class and that could make you the favorite.

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