December Weather Forecast and Tips to Survive the Cold

Weather plays a vital role each month. For example, in the months of April through August we expect warm temperatures. On the other hand, for months such as September through March, it is expected to be cold. During the month of December, we look forward to snow days and maybe even a white Christmas.

“I am definitely looking forward to snow because we are going to sled," said Evan Locke, a student at Mt. Juliet High School.

The weather approaching in December varies from comfortable to freezing. For Mt. Juliet, the first full week of December will be plagued by rain and drastically dropping temperatures. On the bright side, the sun will make an appearance toward the end of the first week.

The highest temperature will be 53 degrees, which could be considered warm for December. The lowest temperature will be 26 degrees but with the day being sunny, snow may not make an appearance. Temperatures throughout the week will range from 26-53 degrees. The average temperature will be around 48 degrees.

To last through the first week of December, you will need many things to keep your spirit bright. It is vital to have approximately 2 blankets with you at all time. Next, you will need a unlimited amount of hot cocoa to warm you up. Finally, you should have a heat source near you, whether it be a fireplace or an electric heater.

During the week of Christmas, the weather is going to vary between cloudy and sunny. The highest temperature will be 58 degrees and the lowest will be 27 degrees. On Christmas day, the temperature will be ranging from 35-48 degrees with sunny and cloudy skies. The average temperature throughout the week will be around 49 degrees, with a chance of rain toward the end of the week. There is a rare chance of snow on Christmas, but Mother Nature tends to surprise us.

Christmas is when the eggnog makes its debut and our superstitious snow routines starts. Many superstitious routines consist of putting white crayons on your windowsill, ice flushed down your toilet and wearing inside out pajamas.

The last full week of December, it will be a rather cloudy week with the sun making some appearances through the clouds. December will end with freezing temperatures and a chance of snow. The highest temperature for the last week is 52 degrees and the lowest temperature is 17 degrees. Temperatures throughout the week will range from 17-52 degrees. The average temperature will be around 40 degrees. In all, the end of December will leave us wrapped up in blankets next to the fire with hot cocoa.

December’s weather forecast seems to be all over the place. Make sure to plan outfits accordingly and buy an abundant amount of hot cocoa.

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