Bill Gates Plans on Building His Own "Smart City"

Bill Gates, also known as the wealthiest man in the United States, wants to build his own

futuristic “smart city,” and he’s not playing around.

Sophie Weiner, a writer for Popular Mechanics, gave many major details about Gates’s soon to be “smart city.”

“An investment firm run by Bill Gates has put down $80 million to develop a planned community in Arizona. The 25,000 acres of land is about 45 minutes west of Phoenix, in an area called the West Valley. The community, which Gates wants to turn into a "smart city," will be named Belmont.”

The city is definitely not going to be just another ordinary city. In fact, it will be quite the opposite. Bill Gates already has a grand vision for his futuristic city. Specifically, he wants it to be revolved around technology.

According to Monique O. Madan, a journalist for Miami Herald, the city will have a lot to offer to future residents.

“The vision? Transforming a raw, blank slate into a futuristic city filled with driverless cars, endless data centers and buildings totally designed around technology and high-speed internet.”

The technologically advanced city will have a lot more to offer than just technology, wrote Madan.

“The city will have space for about 80,000 residential units. In addition, about 3,800 acres will go toward commercial, retail and office space and roughly 470 acres will be used for schools.”

As of now, it is still unclear when the city will be up and running, and it hasn’t been revealed if Microsoft will use it as their new base of operations. Perhaps one day, every city will be considered a “smart city.”

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