Audiences Applaud Thor's New Look

As they say, third time’s a charm, and Marvel fans seem to agree that the new “Thor: Ragnarok” movie is exactly what they have been waiting for. The film packs heat with an endless supply of demons and zombies, a giant wolf, a dragon and the goddess of death herself, so it isn’t surprising that critics say that it is by far the best Thor movie yet.

Fans are praising the movie for having a light-hearted feel and leaving behind its usual serious aspect. The lead character,Thor, played by actor Chris Hemsworth, got rid of his ‘macho-man’ look by cutting off his signature blonde locks and taking on a much more immature personality that is very familiar to “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

For the fans who have grown up reading Marvel’s comics, this was a risky move. New director, Taika Waititi, worked with Hemsworth to see how they could reincarnate Thor while also exciting fans with something new.

All of Thor’s signifying characteristics, such as his hair, his hammer and his cape, were taken out of the film, even if only for a portion of it.

Although it was a risky move on Marvel’s part, fans seem to be ecstatic about wiping Thor’s slate clean.

“They’ve completely changed what he is about,” one MJHS Junior said regarding the new mood in Ragnarok. “There’s a lot more comedy in this one than in the past.”

Almost every scene has Thor killing off intergalactic beasts without a sweat, but what fans loved the most were his punchlines. In this film, Thor seems to give off a laid-back feeling, unlike the previous movies in the series.

“It shows how much he has grown as a character,” one MJHS Sophomore said.

Unfortunately, for audiences who haven’t watched the other Thor movies, and, quite frankly, the majority of other Marvel films, they will be completely lost on what is happening. Many plotlines from other Marvel films were brought into the film, which could confuse new fans.

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